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Karen is affectionately described as a change maker. She is a cultural and lifestyle expert, dynamic entrepreneur, award-winning filmmaker, and brand strategist. For over two decades, Karen has built a career working on impactful branding and marketing campaigns that touch the lives of millions of consumers. Karen has worked with some of the most iconic brands and companies in her corporate career and as Founder and CEO of The Spectrum Circle. 

Karen Alston is a visionary force, seamlessly blending her roles as a creative powerhouse, savvy entrepreneur, and seasoned executive. With an innate ability to envision possibilities and transform them into reality, she constantly pushes the boundaries of what is achievable. 

As a changemaker, Karen is dedicated to making a lasting impact in the world. She believes that true change begins from within and strives to inspire others to embrace their own transformative journeys. With her strategic mindset and keen business acumen, Karen navigates the complex landscape of innovation, always one step ahead, shaping industries and pioneering new paths.

Karen Alston embodies the spirit of a Steel Magnolia, combining grace, resilience, and unwavering strength. Karen's embodiment of grace, resilience, unwavering strength, and her love of design have shaped her into a visionary. 

She embraces challenges head-on, recognizing that obstacles are merely steppingstones to success. With each experience, she grows stronger and refines her approach, all while maintaining her poise and unwavering determination.

Let Karen's indomitable spirit and magnetic energy ignite your own path to success. Together, we will rise, create, and leave an indelible mark on the world. Welcome to the extraordinary world of #beingkarenalston!


Karen Maria Alston is a multi-hyphenate creative, content creator, strategist, entrepreneur, executive, change maker, storyteller, lifestyle maven, steel magnolia and marketer. She is an award-winning proven expert.

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