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where passion and creativity intertwine to create a rich and vibrant life. I'm thrilled to share a glimpse into the depths of my inspirations, motivations, and the journey that has led me to this point.



Art, travel, food, wine, history, and beautiful modern farmhouses

are the pillars that fuel my growth and spark my creativity. For years, these passions were kept hidden, concealed within the depths of my being. But now, through my website and social media platforms, I've embraced the courage to share this side of myself with the world.

Food and Wine are not just sustenance; they are an art form that captivates my soul. Step into my home or unique spaces, and you'll be welcomed to a world of delectable delights and carefully curated tablescapes meant to enthrall friends and family. 


Gastronomy is my muse, and each meal I curate with local chefs is an intricate symphony of flavors, orchestrated to create a harmonious culinary experience. For me, wine is poetry in a bottle, and my knowledge and expertise in this domain have reached new heights, transforming entertaining into a magical experience. From local wineries to exotic vineyards around the globe, I journey to explore and embrace new and interesting wines.


Embracing the richness of local ingredients and culinary heritage is a cornerstone of my ethos.

I have a profound appreciation for local flavors and the farm-to-table concept. ​
Whether it's hosting an event or entertaining at home, I take pleasure in collaborating with local chefs and winemakers to craft menus that showcase the best of the Mid-Atlantic region.

My passion for beautiful Modern Farmhouses knows no bounds. The allure of a modern farmhouse in a serene rural setting in the mid-Atlantic region beckons me. I can't resist sharing designs, homes, and landscapes that inspire me as I embark on a quest to find my dream abode.​
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Travel has been a transformative force in my life, enriching my soul and broadening my perspective. 

It all began at age 18, when I embarked on a solo journey to Europe, armed with graduation money and a thirst for adventure. Since then, travel has become my greatest teacher, opening my eyes to diverse cultures, histories, and ways of life. Over the years, I've explored sixteen countries, but Italy holds a special place in my heart, a happy place I've returned to time and again.

Through my journeys, I've discovered my passion for architecture, rare books, history, and culture. My fascination with religions and art history has deep roots in my travels, making me a perpetual student of the world.

Art has the unique ability to connect with our emotions, tell stories, and bring beauty into our surroundings. For me, art is not just a hobby; it is the very passion that breathes life into my existence.

Art has the unique ability to connect with our emotions, tell stories, and bring beauty into our surroundings. For me, art is not just a hobby; it is the very passion that breathes life into my existence.

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My journey into the art world began in my early 20s when I had limited financial resources. Despite the constraints, I couldn't resist the allure of art that spoke to me, especially when created by young and aspiring artists. Little did I know that this initial spark of interest would ignite a lifelong love affair with art.

Over the years, my collection has grown into something truly special. It is a testament to my commitment to supporting artists and their creative endeavors. Each piece holds a unique story, and as I walk through my home, I am surrounded by a diverse assortment of art, photography, sculptures, and mixed media. This medley of expressions mirrors the various facets of my passions and interests, creating a harmonious tapestry that reflects my soul.
Dr. Fahamu Pecou IG @fahamupecou

Collecting art has become more than a hobby; it has evolved into a source of joy and fulfillment in my life.

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The profound connection I feel with each piece enhances my appreciation for the artists and their imaginative minds. Their creations have the power to uplift me, provoke thought, and evoke emotions, making my home not just a living space but a sanctuary of artistic inspiration.

I believe that art should be cherished, celebrated, and accessible to all. My personal mission is to share the wonders of art with other’s who appreciate the beauty and impact of creativity.

​Yvette Crocker, IG @yvettecrocker_artist
Sheldon Scott, IG @sheldonascott
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Years ago, a life-changing encounter with Dan Brown's renowned novel,

The Da Vinci Code, sparked a profound interest in the church's rich history and its intricate tapestry of facts, politics, and personalities.

IMG_8409 (1).HEIC
This book, with its masterful blend of history and storytelling, kindled a flame within me, igniting a lifelong passion for uncovering the hidden truths of the past.

I sought to explore the captivating history of the Christian church and its profound impact on societies throughout the ages. By delving into key places and researching ancient Latin texts, I am learning how Islam, Judaism, and Christianity intersected and influenced one another throughout history.

As a passionate traveler, I have had the privilege of visiting significant historical sites, allowing me to immerse myself in the rich cultural heritage of different regions. By sharing a glimpse into these experiences, I hope to bring history to life and offer a deeper appreciation of the complex tapestry of religion.

One of my personal focal points is the study of the relationship between two influential figures in early Christianity: Peter and Paul. Their teachings and impact on the foundation of the Christian church.

On this path I am learning the fascinating correlation between pagan stories and the Old Testament, unveiling surprising connections and shared motifs that have shaped religious narratives throughout time.

Art has been a powerful medium for conveying religious stories and teachings, and is used to showcase how art throughout history has illuminated the spiritual beliefs and values of different eras. By delving into religious art, we aim to highlight its influence in shaping societies and emphasizing the profound impact of faith on human civilization.

This religious journey is personal for me, but I will share a few moments of my enlightenment through time and place. Learn with me to unravel the mysteries of the past, discover the interwoven threads of faith, and gain a deeper appreciation for the resilience and ingenuity of human endeavors in the face of adversity.

I consider myself an expert in progress, constantly evolving, and eager to share my passions, learnings, and growth with you. Join me on this extraordinary journey of discovery, where we celebrate the beauty of life, embrace our passions, and fearlessly venture into the unknown. Together, let's create a tapestry of experiences that will inspire and uplift us, one creative endeavor at a time. 

Welcome to my world, where life is a canvas, waiting to be painted with the colors of passion and purpose.
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