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The Circle of Impact

As a cornerstone of The Spectrum Circle community, we are excited to present an exclusive invitation to a segment of our distinguished supporters: the opportunity to join The Circle of Impact. This elite private membership tier is composed of influential, executive and entrepreneur women who are dedicated to forwarding The Spectrum Circle's mission. It is for a segment of our tribe that is searching for community and to expand their network with executive women.


The Circle of Impact is more than just a membership; it's a movement. Comprising visionary leaders, we are united in our commitment to fostering a global ecosystem where women lead, innovate, and effect change. Our goal is to cultivate meaningful relationships, encourage mutual inspiration, and create a platform where voices are heard, and actions have a profound impact. As advocates for progress, we challenge biases and reshape the narrative around women's success in the modern world through leadership, innovation, and collaborative action.

You’re Voice, Amplified

You've expressed a desire for deeper connections, opportunities for genuine engagement, and a platform to celebrate and advocate for women's advancement. In response, we're introducing the Circle of Impact, a testament to our dedication to elevating women's voices and creating a tangible difference.

Why Join Us: 

VIP Access:

Membership grants you exclusive entry to our luxury events, wellness conferences, retreats, and cultural experiences designed to foster connections and collaboration among Circle of Impact advisors.

Online Community:

Engage with like-minded members in a private digital space. It’s your hub for networking, sharing stories, products, and services, and collaborating on projects that ignite your passion or interests. 

Showcase Opportunities:

Present your work, products, and services at our esteemed annual events and private gatherings, spotlighting your contributions to a community that values and supports women's achievements.

Exclusive Membership:

Limited to 500 exceptional women, this membership isn't just a status; it's a commitment to being at the forefront of change and innovation, alongside peers who share your experience and dedication to making a difference.

Access to Our Extended Network:

Online access to our database of personal and career coaches, professional service providers, and small businesses that we support.  

Expand Your Network:

The Circle of Impact is for forward-thinking executives looking to expand their network, learn from other women, and share resources and best practices in a safe, trusted, and curated environment. Our members are from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and locations.

In-Person Events:

We will gather once per year in person for our wellness conference and retreat to be hosted in luxury properties in the United States. Our conferences will feature expert speakers, wellness industry experts, coaches, and fitness gurus to help you rest, recharge and elevate your senses. Our in-person events are an opportunity to network in person, build deeper relationships with fellow members, and relax in a five-star resort that embodies the soft luxury lifestyle. Our in-person events will not be recorded and an opportunity for our members to share openly with no social media postings or photos of their attendance.


Do I qualify?

If you are a founder, owner or entrepreneur that runs a business with net income of $50,000 or more than you qualify for membership to The Circle of Impact. If you work in government, corporate America, tech or a nonprofit organization and you earn over $100,000 per year you qualify for membership in The Circle of Impact.
If you are willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement that you will not share ideas, information and propriety data as a part of your membership than you quality for membership in The Circle of Impact. If you are looking for a network that is small, diverse, culturally curated and exclusive than the Circle of Impact is for you.

Join the Circle of Impact

This is your moment to be part of transformative sisterhood. The Circle of Impact offers not just a membership but a partnership in shaping the future of The Spectrum Circle and, by extension, the global landscape for executive and entrepreneurial women. Be one of the 500 distinguished women to claim your place in this groundbreaking initiative.

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