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Skip the DIY

So you have a couple of systems, but they aren’t working FOR you, and you’ve been doing most of the work. On top of that, you put the systems in play without creating the standard operating procedures and processes that are the core of your business. Or maybe you’re still trying to figure out what systems correlate with the way you choose to run your business. So it’s been rocky, and now you need stability to build a long-term sustainable business. 


Systems from Scratch is 8-weeks of 1-on-1 coaching designed to restructure the backend of your business and align & elevate your mind. This program will teach you the strategies to dismiss myths in your mind, reroute your thinking, declutter your business, and build systems that LAST! 

Systems from

One-on-One Transformative Coaching

See here’s the thing:

What many people don’t realize is that systems START in the mind, and without properly aligning your perceptions, perspectives, and principles,, you will not commit to maintaining change in your business. 


Many people also don’t realize the difference between systems and tech systems, so they dive right into free trials on the hottest platform, with no clue as to whether it will actually work for their select business.


This hybrid curriculum combines consulting and coaching with live strategy sessions, lessons, and a lab session to walk you through rebuilding systems in your mind and teach you how to rebuild and restructure your business systems to be effective and run seamlessly. 


You will receive your own personalized, authentic experience as you learn the strategies to transform your life and business.

The Boss



  • Syndromes & Stigmas

    • Discover the issues that are negatively affecting your mental state and causing increased headaches in how you run your business


  • Dismiss & Rediscover 

    • Building self-awareness and making sure your vision is aligned with your passions and zone of genius 


  • Shift & Change 

    • Building boundaries for balance that will coincide with your business’ policies & procedures

The Business



  • Identify & Analyze 

    • Assessing your current systems & tech systems for gaps and tension points causing counterproductivity


  • Recreate & Modify

    • Improve current systems and create simplified standard operating procedures and choose tech systems 


  • Map & Integrate

    • Learn how to map your new workflows and implement your tech systems for a seamless flow 

  • Model & Inspect

    • You will present & demonstrate your new structure and I will provide further suggestions for modifications to assure everything is set to run smoothly


  • Steward & Sustain

    • Learn the strategies to remain stable and productive - mentally & in business operations

Don't just take it from me...

Crystal Stevens



Crystal Stevens

What's in it for you?

+ 5 Coaching Sessions

+ 2 Co-LAB Sessions

+ Session Replays 

+ Homework 

+ Systems from Scratch Workbook

+ SOP Builder and Manual

+ Blazing Builders Systems Classes

+ Office Hours 

+ 24/7 Text Support

+ 2 Week Post-Program Support & Accountability

1-on-1 Coaching Returns in 2023! 

Let's Work Together

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