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Stop the struggle and Unlock your Flow

1:1 Strategy


For the solopreneur service provider who says: 

  • I feel lost and don’t know what to do to be more productive

  • I feel stuck, my business is not growing or reaching sustained success

  • I find it hard to properly plan & prioritize my life and my business.

  • I have systems, but I didn’t know I needed processes & procedures too.

  • My systems are overwhelming, and I feel like they are causing me more pain than production.

  • I’m in this alone, and I need the tools to restructure and execute the next steps for my business. 


Let's be honest...

You’ve been struggling to keep up and run your business like a pro. You’ve been feeling like you’re on a rollercoaster and now you’re almost burnt out [if not already]. You’ve been trying to figure out what to do to gain stability and structure.

Imagine this:

  • Waking up every day with a solidified strategy for productivity 

  • Having dedicated days and learning how to time block so that you can efficiently manage and balance your time


  • Not having to work as hard or as much because your systems are doing the work for you 

  • Learning the tactic you need to progressively build the systems in your business 


This session is for you!

This strategic consulting session is dedicated to restructuring & realigning your business. We will create a strategic plan to prioritize your goals, create an infrastructure of discipline, and implement actionable steps to get you from point A to point B. In this session, You will choose from one of these two focal points:

  • Productivity: You’ve found yourself being counterproductive, and your work-life balance is in shambles. 

  • Systems: Your business’ standard operating procedures and tech systems are either nonexistent or no longer working for you. You’ve found yourself doing more manual work than there is time in the day and you don’t know how to get on track! You need the plan to automate processes and build strategic workflows that work best for your select business.

We will break down the inconsistencies of your focal point and create a plan of action that will help modify your structure to run a more efficient & sustainable business. You are guaranteed to walk away with custom strategies to organize, prioritize, and maximize!

What you'll get:

  • 1 90-minute session

  • Replay Access within 24 hours

  • 1 Plan of Action Template with goal planner

  • 7 Day Telegram Text support

  • $100 off follow-up accountability session



If you: 

  • Recently scaled from solopreneur to CEO.

  • Have a growing team of 2 or more employees.

  • Struggle to sustain high-level daily productivity 

  • Lack an efficient business management structure 

  • Lack effective standard operating procedures

  • Do not have tech systems set to work together & run your business for you

  • Desire to hire employees, but lack step-by-step operational procedures  

  • Need to redevelop your organization’s backend structure

  • Need someone to tell you what’s needed to bring order to your company

  • Need to restructure the way you run your business 

  • Are on the verge of a collapse from the inside out. 





See what these 


have to say:

The Structure

How does this work? 

As the company executive, you will apply to enroll your company and schedule an initial consultation.


After the consultation, You will receive a follow-up video explaining the totality of your customized service including whether it’s best to complete this project in 90 or 180 days based on your needs.


Once you decide to move forward, you will receive the agreement and payment information.


With this service, your company will receive:

+5 to 10 on-site or virtual VIP 4-hour coworking days (automatically)

+Private link to schedule 5 - 10 additional meetings (as needed)

+Onsite Small Business Organizing Service (as a 2-hour add-on to coworking days)

+Digital and Professionally Printed Operations Manuals with SOPs

+Training Videos and Curriculums 


Plus, this is an innovative service, so as we work together your company will receive its own additional custom solutions.

For example, your company may need to schedule a group training day or require more 1 on 1 teaching or follow-up accountability after the implementation of systems.

These solutions will be added as we deem necessary.

My Five-Phase Framework

The Process 


Phase One: Clarify & Consult

Consulting to clarify the new goal and direction for the company and create a plan with step-by-step small-scale goals for fulfillment 

Phase One: Clarify & Consult

Consulting to clarify the new goal and direction for the company and create a plan with step-by-step small-scale goals for fulfillment 


Phase Two: Audit 

Auditing the current workflows and “processes” of the business through on-site observations and inspections [On-site auditing is currently only available for East Coast and Southern United States Clients]


Phase Three: Assess

Evaluation of audits and making decisions as to what steps to take in establishing the operational structure


Phase Four: Redevelop

Creating and refining company processes, procedures, and systems


Phase Five: Implement

Applying the new structure into the business flow to assure efficiency

Systems Solutions

Consulting and Coaching

Be a Trailblazer!

Online Group Cohort



Need more information about the our services? Schedule your free clarity call today!

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