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Welcome to the world of Karen Maria Alston, where creativity, entrepreneurship, wellness, and a captivating lifestyle converge. Discover the many facets of Karen who embodies the spirit of excellence in everything she does.


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Karen Maria Alston is affectionately described as a change maker. She is a cultural and lifestyle expert, dynamic entrepreneur, award winning filmmaker and brand strategist. For decades, Karen has built a career working on impactful branding and marketing campaigns that touch the lives of millions of consumers. 
An executive, marketer, brand manager, entrepreneur, strategist, storyteller, innovator, women’s advocate and thought leader, Karen Maria Alston is an award-winning proven expert. She is known on social media for her hashtag #beingkarenalston. 
Karen is a passionate senior executive strategist and founder with over 30 years of experience leading organizational visions from idea to implementation to impact to create sustainable, scalable social impact.  A trusted leader in designing, developing and delivering successful strategies and solutions to branding, marketing, growth, and revenue generation rooted in innovation and equity. 
She leads by example; her values compel her to work for companies that impact our country and the next generation in powerful ways that can meaningfully sustain and scale over time to create a more just world in which all communities can thrive.
The core of Karen’s career has been in executive leadership, marketing, finance and social impact. Leading equity-focused organizations visions from advocacy to adaptation in service of communities in ways that lift, save and change lives.

Throughout her career, as a founder and senior executive, she has had the special honor of building and managing inspiring teams, coaching and mentoring managers, leading teams through key operational transitions, and facilitating a continuously welcoming workplace of passion and performance, expertise and execution, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Karen is a global citizen that loves to travel and explore different cultures. She proudly displays and celebrates the diversity and beauty of her favorite countries in her home. 
Welcome to a glimpse of her world!

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Karen’s mission is to lead by example and be a better woman every day than the day before. This website shares a window into her professional and personal lives. Here you can learn more about her passions, projects and goals. Karen uses her authentic truth to help others own their life journey, lessons and story. For the past decade she has been sharing her personal growth, development story and mantra’s via social media and her hashtag #beingkarenalston.


The moment is now for a movement.

The moment is now for a movement. Karen made the decision a decade ago to step up and celebrate all of the characteristics that led to her personal growth, awareness and change. She is a disrupter and believer that change starts from within and through testimonials, life lessons and growth we can dismantle the systems that limit and separate people from achieving full potential. Systemic change starts with individuals who speak openly and honestly about the inequities, structures and societal problems that limit potential.

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